The Westmoreland County Board of Commissioners has authorized Round 2 of the Westmoreland County Small Business Support Grant Program. The program will provide up to $25,000, or 25%, of calculated revenue loss due to COVID-19, whichever is less, from March 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020 OR up to $25,000 of eligible and supported expenses related to COVID-19 to small businesses within Westmoreland County that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis.  Businesses are encouraged to complete both revenue loss and expenses to ensure the best opportunity for a successful result. 

Businesses which experienced a gain in revenue over the prior period, or which are less than two years old must apply using Option B. If you purchased an existing business in the prior two years and have access to prior financial information, including tax returns, you may apply under either Option A or Option B. Otherwise, you must apply using Option B. If you are a business which received funding under Round 1 of the Westmoreland CARES Small Business Support Grant program, you may be eligible to receive additional funding not to exceed a total of $25,000 granted between both Round 1 and Round 2.

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