Welcome to the COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program! Senate Bill 109 allocates money statewide to small businesses in certain hospitality-related areas. Under this program, restaurants, bars, inns and others who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can apply for grant funding to alleviate revenue losses and pay eligible operating expenses. In Westmoreland County, grants will be awarded up to $20,000.

Economic Growth Connection has been engaged by Westmoreland County to administer the CHIRP grant program.

Applications will be accepted beginning Monday, March 15th and will continue to be accepted until funds have been exhausted.


Grant funding awarded under this program may be used to alleviate revenue loss and pay for eligible operating expenses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is eligible?

Businesses with physical operations in Westmoreland County with NAICS codes 721XXX and 722XXX. **Other eligibility requirements apply

How do I apply?

Before you apply, get prepared! Review the FAQs detailed below, gather your required documentation and scan into a digital format for easy uploading. When you are ready, follow the link below to our secure application portal.  (The link will be at the bottom of this page on March 15th.)

Important CHIRP Grant FAQs

1. What is the purpose of CHIRP Grant Program?

2. Who is administering this program?

3. What is the source of the grant funds?

4. Is there a cap on the amount of the grant?

5. I received other COVID-19 relief funding. Am I eligible to receive funding under CHIRP?

6. When will the CHIRP grant application period open?

7. How should I apply for the CHIRP grant?

8. Will all applicants be awarded grant funds?

9. I just started my business. Am I eligible?

10. I bought or took over ownership of an existing business - Can I apply?

11. I own more than one business in Westmoreland County. Can I apply for more than one grant?

12. Are small businesses located outside of Westmoreland County eligible to apply?

13. What are the eligibility requirements?

14. How can funds be used?

15. Can the grant funds be used to cover the same items covered under another grant or loan program (i.e., Paycheck Protection Program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan, Westmoreland CARES Grant)?

16. Will I need to pay the money back?

17. Does an applicant need to be in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, statutes and regulations?

18. Is an applicant eligible to apply if it has delinquent real estate taxes?

19. Are awards taxable?

20. Will documentation be required at the end of the grant?

21. What are the record retention requirements of the grant?

22. Will my information be kept confidential?

23. My application is not completed, can I still submit it?

24. Who should I contact with questions concerning my application, eligibility, or required documentation?

25. What do I need to submit with my application?

26. How do you define “gross receipts”?

27. What is a NAICS Code?

28. Where Do I find my NAICS code?

29. Why is the program eligibility limited to NAICS subsectors 721 and 722?

30. What does it mean to have experienced a reduction in revenue in 2020?

31. How will grant funds be disbursed?

32. I am a landlord with qualified hospitality tenants? Am I eligible to apply?

Start the Application Process

Before you begin the application, gather the information you need and have your supporting documentation scanned into a digital format. Our portal will accept many common types of digital documents including PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

  • All your business contact information
  • Number of employees
  • Information about any grants you’ve received (PPP, EIDL, Covid 19 Relief PA Statewide Small Business Assistance Program, or any other public grants)
  • Gross Receipts for 2019 and 2020.
  • Federal Tax Returns
    • If you file form 1040 – Pages 1 & 2 along with schedule C
    • If you file form 1065 – Page 1
    • If you file form 1120 – Page 1
  • PA Sales Tax Returns for 2019 and 2020
    • All four quarters for each year
    • Summaries showing tax paid are not acceptable. The return, including gross receipts and tax paid, MUST be submitted.
  • W9  (Here is a link to a W9 as a fillable PDF)
  • 2020 Balance Sheet (Certified Accurate)
  • 2020 Income Statement (Certified Accurate)
  • Proof of expenses for Covid 19 impact. Examples include (but are not limited to)invoices or receipts for:
    • Operating expenses (including payroll)
    • Utilities
    • Mortgage or rent
    • Captial expenses to reopen
    • Sanitization products or services
    • Cost of business interruption
    • Purchase of equipment to facilitate social distancing
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Perishable product loss as a result of closure or partial shutdown.



If you have any issues with the form, please email